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About Me

I grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland and was raised by two wonderful human beings, my dad who was born in Iran and my mom who came from Austria. I mention these 2 cultures because i believe they make an important part in my identity. I speak French and English fluently and have studied a handful of other languages including Farsi, German, Romanian and Russian . My first passion was Martial Arts which i started at the age of 7 years old with judo. Even though growing up I had a strong interest for cinema, the study of Martial Arts took pretty much all my time. It's only later in life after my Master in International Relations that i got my first experience on a movie set and fell in love with it. I was part of a humanitarian project in Uganda with some youths from all around the world when the movie, "The Last King of Scotland" was being shot and a casting director asked me to be an extra, as she needed more foreigners in the background. I caught the bug. I started taking improv classes in Switzerland and in Paris and very quickly  moved to New York to study at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, where I truly discovered  Theater. Since graduating from this prestigious school, i've had the chance to work on a wide variety of projects from TV, commercials, indie films, fight choreographies and directing, voice-over and Shakespeare which i particularly love. My biggest accomplishment  so far is teaching acting in prison. I love to use my passion for the betterment of others. I am a fighter, a lover and a humanist. I believe my soul belongs to Renaissance period and i hope to work very soon on a period/ medieval film. 

Height: 6"1

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Red

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Dir Svetlana Cvetko | "Show me what you got" | 2019

Lead Actor​

Dir Daniel Alban | The Other Side | 2016


Dir Estelle Artus | According to Her | 2015

Supporting role

Dir Steve Rahaman | Pain | 2015

Supporting role

Steve Rahaman | Hands that hold us | 2013


Dir takahisa Shiraishi| Judith | 2013


Dir Mirco Valenza| Sexual Inadequacy| 2013

Supporting role

Dir Antonio Le Fosse | Remember to forget | 2012


Dir Victoria L. Villegas | Sexual Inadequacy| 2012

Supporting role


ABC Network | Modern Family | 2015

Guest Appearance

TNT Network | Agent X | 2015


Dir Peter Dunn | Gays | 2014 - 2015


Dir Kadia Saraf |  The Reel Life | 2013



Hollywood Fringe Festival (LA) | Closer | 2017


Elysium Conservatory Theatre (LA) | Romeo & Juliet | 2017


Mnemosyne Company (Lourmarin Castle, France) | MacBeth | 2016


Mnemosyne Company (Toursky Theater, France) | MacBeth | 2015


Diffractions Theater (Fuveau Theater, France) | No Exit | 2013


American Theater of Actors (Chernuchin Theater, NYC) | Othello | 2013

Duke of Venice

Diffractions Theater (Wired Arts Festival, NYC) | No Exit | 2012


Tao Group (Southhampton Theatre, NY)| Buckingham | 2012

Christian Bach

Harold Clurman Theater Lab (Irondale Theater, NYC)| Is it already Dusk? | 2012



Barton F Graf 9000| Supercell "Clash of Clans"(commercial) | 2014 - 2016

Hogrider (french voice)

Dir Kip Kaplan | Jewtopia (live action) | 2014

Young Adam, Jose (french voices)

Dir Kip Kaplan | Dragon Guardians (animation) | 2014

Papa Dragon (french voice)

Dir Kip Kaplan | Boxcar Children (animation) | 2014


Dir Kip Kaplan | Mommy I'm a Zombie (animation) | 2014

Nerdy, Cool Guy (french voices)

Dir Kip Kaplan | Agent Fox (animation) | 2014


Creative Media Design| Jean-Paul Gauthier Fragrances (internal video) | 2013


Creative Media Design | Drivers | 2013

General Harabi, Colonel Park, Persian Doctors (french voices)


MJZ | Cisco | 2016


The Corner Shop | IBM Watson | 2016


Team Detroit | Lincoln MKZ | 2015

Professional Snowboarder

Training & Workshops

John Rosenfeld Studio | On-Going class | Jeff Witzke

Richard Greene| Shakespeare coaching | 

Doug Warhit  Studio| On-Camera | Doug Warhit

Groundlings | Basic Improv | 

Art of Acting Studio | On-Camera Intensive | Ron Burrus

Stella Adler Studio of Acting NYC| 2-Year Conservatory | Sam Schacht, Ron Burrus, Jack Wetherall, Ellen Barber

Sean Spann| Voice coaching | 

Special Skills

Martial Arts | Screen & Stage Fighting/ Choreography – Muay Boran Instructor – Jeet Kune Do – Judo – Free Wrestling – Boxing – Karate – Kung Fu – Kali Weapons | Sticks – Knife – Viking Sword – Tomahawk – Gun – Machine Gun
Athletic Skills | Tennis – Skiing – Snowboarding – Surfing – Soccer – Volleyball
Languages | Fluent in French – Good in German, Farsi, Romanian – Basic in Russian

Accents | American – Brooklyn – British – French – German – Austrian – Russian – Italian – Farsi – Australian

Sniper in Swiss Military |  Swiss Muay Thai Vice-Champion | Teaching Theater Workshops in Jail

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